I'm Adam Pacitti

(and this is my website)



In 2008 I had a dream about a girl. I won't explain the entire dream but you can see it on the original website here. To cut a long story short, I woke up, drew the girl and forgot about it. A few months later I stumbled across my terrible drawing and figured I'd like to try to find the woman from my dream. I thought I must have seen her somewhere before and I wanted to know who she was and if she was as sexy as she had appeared at 4am that morning. Yeah, really. Using the skills learnt in GCSE ICT I started a terribly basic website, uploaded my drawing and emailed it to a few friends. The next day I woke up to around thirty emails from various girls who had been forwarded my website. It was like a trial version of Match.com where you could only talk to girls with glasses.


These emails went on for a few weeks and then newspapers started to email me. They thought what I was doing was romantic and/or ridiculous and wanted to write about me.


Then television channels started emailing. Soon I was on national television. Another couples of weeks later I was in New York appearing via satellite on an Australian breakfast show, Canadian television and a South Korean news show... not that they have anything more important to cover. I spent the following two years travelling all over the world in an effort to find the girl. I had become utterly obsessed, spending thousands of pounds in an effort to find her.



My search was featured in magazines, radio shows and newspapers worldwide. Below are a few television appearances from my search.





Frequently Asked Questions


Are you still looking for the girl?



Was the search real?

Pretty much.


Why didn't you hire a sketch artist to draw something better?

By the time this was suggested, it had been months since the dream and I had completely forgotten what the girl actually looked like. Any effort to improve my drawing would have probably resulted in a drawing which was further from her actual appearance.


Is Lorraine Kelly as attractive in person as she is on television?



Can I purchase the rights to your story to make a massive Hollywood romantic comedy starring Ryan Reynolds and Jennifer Anniston?

Please do.